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test of CM 7 (gingerman) on Huawei Ideos u8150: ALL THE BUGS

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    test of CM 7 (gingerman) on Huawei Ideos u8150: ALL THE BUGS

    Hi everyone, sorry for my english, i tested a lot Gingerman, the Cyanogen Mod 7 porting on
    Huawei Ideos U8150. I found some bugs and I hope that the developers solve them on the "Version 3"
    for all the android community. Now a list of the bugs (if I'll find others I update the list):

    1)There isn't the tethering voice in the settings menu (nor usb nor hotspot wifi)

    2)Problem with the position of Google Search Widget

    3)There isn't multitouch support

    4)No gallery.apk (i can't see any image) (2D gallery is better for ideos)

    5)Wrong resolution in the clock app (blended hour)

    6)Wrong resolution in the dialer app (blended numbers)

    7)Put Lockscreen during calls (i activate it on the settings but it doesn't work).
    Without it, i press involuntarily the waiting button (with my ear ahahah)

    8)There aren't google apps (gmail, places, youtube(it works if you install it manually) ecc ecc)

    9)No facebook app (you can intall it after market installation)

    10)Camera doesn't work

    11)There isn't the 3G and Hsdpa symbol on the status bar (i don't know if 3G works also without symbol or
    it doesn't work because there isn't the symbol), but i'm sure that if there is 3G or there isn't 3G
    i don't see the symbol

    12)The volume of the ringtone is not stable also if the bar of audio level is always normal or max, for example:
    I hear the normal volume, then i reboot and the volume is or too loud or too low but the indication bar
    is always on the middle (or maximum) position.

    13)The speaker caws (it didn't do this with froyo)

    14)The haptic feedback doesn't work with softkey (also if it is activated on the settings,
    it works only with text input)

    15)Wrong resolution of the boot animation (the blue cyanogen logo is cutting out)

    16)Nexus S Animation when you lock the screen ( YouTube - nexus s lock screen animation ) doesn't work

    Thanks for help and attention
    I'm waiting for solution.
    1░ Device Android:

    Modello: HTC Magic 32A
    Colore: Bianco-Rosso
    Recovery: Amon-Ra
    Hboot: 1.76.2007
    ROM: CyanogenMod 7
    Kernel: Farmatito Pershot

    2░ Device Android:

    Modello: Nexus S i9023
    Colore: Nero
    Recovery: Clockworkmod 5.0.0
    Radio: XXKF1
    ROM: Ice Cream Sandwich-Android 4.0.1-DrewGaren Beta 9


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