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Problem with LeTv X600

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    Problem with LeTv X600


    I am new in this area.

    I bought this phone (Great Phone) and this is some problems that I face at first Use:

    - ROM I have, does not have the double tap to wake up active, and does not even have the option to enable it. I think this kind of mobile phones with ON / OFF button side is one of the features that is most important.

    - The translation to Portuguese is just 50% ok

    - I bought the Smartphone as having 3GB of RAM and ROM 32 processor Helio X10 8Core 2.2GHz whereas the phone information has 2.0GHz instead of 2.2 (not dramatic).

    - Maybe by stupidity, but I can not change the image of lockscreen except for one of those pre-defined images with tuning effects that the phone has.

    I would like to ask for your help to solve these "problems". If I install these 9S ROM it will solve it.
    The version I have installed is the 4S Stable. . Will i need to install again Google Play?

    A Video Step by Step would be perfect for users like me.

    Also, some notifications doesn't work - Messenger for example.

    I really need another ROM


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