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Rom ICS per motorola pro +

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    Baby Droid

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    Oct 2012

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    Rom ICS per motorola pro +

    Premesso che ho impiegato ore e ore lper trovare questa rom e che sono da poco entrato nel mondo del modding portate pazienza... ! L'ho trovata su questo sito Non ho capito come si fa ! Potete aiutarmi .....
    Motorola Pro+ is the best qwerty candybar android phone so far, however, Motorola announced that they will not provide Andorid 4 (ICS) upgrade, so I start to port a unofficial ICS ROM to Motorola Pro+ myself.

    Knowledge Share when porting this ROM:

    1. The hardware used by Motorola Pro+ is:
    CPU: Qualcomm SnapdragonMSM8255 1GHz (ARMv7)
    GPU: Adreno 205
    RAM: 512MB
    Accelerometer: Kionix KXTF9
    Magnetic field sensors and Orientation Sensors: Asahi Kasei AK8975
    Proximity Sensor and Light Sensor: Intersil ISL29030

    2. I try to build the ROM from AOSP by using the open source code provide by Motorola, however, I found that their source code structure is design for gingerbread version. Not easy port into ICS version, so I stop to take this approach.

    3. I seeking for porting binary from other device with similar hardware configuration but with ICS ROM (but unfortunately I cannot similar ROM from Motorola device). But I found follow device should be using same hardware with Motorola Pro+ (except the display resoultion):
    - HTC One V
    - Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc LT18i

    4. Finally, I choice to port the ROM based on Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc LT18i, because:
    i. Its ICS ROM is based on Linux Kernel 2.6, which I can reuse existing Motorola Pro+ driver
    ii. I found MIUI ROM for this device which include some necessary binary for porting

    However to install:
    1. Backup your old ROM first
    2. Download the attached zip file
    3. Rename the zip file to update.zip and put it into the root of your SD card
    4. Boot your device from recovery mode and install the update:
    i. Power on your device by holding R+M+power key together
    ii. When you see the android robot, hold both up and down key together, then you will see 4 options: REBOOT SYSTEM NOW, APPLY UPDATE FROM SDCARD, WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET, WIPE CACHE PARTITION
    iv. The device will apply the update
    v. After update, reboot your device, enjoy =)

    Point to Note:
    1. This ROM is based on MIUI 2.9.14 (Android 4.0.4) for SE LT18i
    2. I try make this ROM for all version of Motorola Pro+ (this ROM will only change system partition and will not override any radio part), however, I only test this ROM in Motorola Pro+ Hong Kong version (ME632), please feedback or modify it yourself if you face any issue on other version.

    Known Issues:
    1. FM Radio not working

    Untested area:
    1. Bluetooth
    LInk rom : ( scrivete il titolo su google che la trovate subito... perchè su questo forum non posso postare il link D

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    Baby Droid

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    Oct 2012

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    Aiutatemi vi prego....

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