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[ROM] Mo.Da.Co. Official Froyo ROM

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    [ROM] Mo.Da.Co. Official Froyo ROM

    Mo.Da.Co. Official Froyo ROM

    Questa ROM non Ú ulteriormente sviluppata, funziona molto bene e non presenta particolari problemi. L'unico problema Ú che non Ú pi¨ sviluppata essendo arrivata ad uno stadio di maturitÓ molto elevato.
    Link Download:


    In order to use this ROM on your device, you must have a custom recovery image installed (Clockwork Mod).

    Packaged for ClockworkMod (including
    Rebuilt using the MoDaCo MCR optimisation scripts
    MCK (MoDaCo Custom Kernel) with Tun and CIFS modules, EXT4 support and more
    Full up to date Google experience+ additional apps
    Many updated parts
    Patched libraries to allow Google account setup via WiFi (YES... a fix for the 'invalid MAC address' problem)
    Removal of Chinese software bits
    Reverted icons to stock style where appropriate
    Tweaked to show full market
    Set to English by default
    Updated RIL and removed 'SecuritySMS'
    MoDaCo bootscreen, no bootsound
    UK English for Voice Dialler
    Renamed 'FMRadio' to 'FM Radio'
    Replaced ZTE clock apps with Google 'Desk Clock'
    Updated lockscreen and homescreen background
    Fixed 'emergence' typo on lockscreen
    Insecure boot image
    su / Superuser.apk root
    Support for running scripts from /etc/init.d at startup
    Terminfo support (for nano etc)
    /system/sd mountpoint for A2SD
    Spare parts included
    Enabled hardware acceleration + stagefright tweaking
    Changed browser homepage to Google
    Streaming video sound fix (thanks flibblesan)
    All languages enabled
    Added stock Android keyboard with word prediction
    Added HTC_IME (modified version for BLade)
    Network Location / Checkin Provider signature fixes
    Camera app with stock merges
    Exchange Email fix
    Updated APN list
    Removed 'no signal' notification from lockscreen
    Full online kitchen with additional options from the Chinese ROM
    Stock Launcher updated to launcher 'Dialer' instead of 'Contacts'
    Set default timezone to UK time
    Restored 'Videos' link
    Removed duplicate 'G' / '3G' icons in status bar
    Fixed Calendar sync to online calendars + removed 'Orange Bar'
    Added A2SD+ (also moves dalvik-cache to SD)
    Improved 'call reject SMS' wording
    MCR Reboot utility
    A bunch of other stuff that i've forgotten
    framework-res and core libraries are signed with the 'shared' certificate from the SDK, aiding those who wish to edit the framework-res to theme (or to alter the lockscreen). Simply extract, edit, resign with the shared certificate and push the file. Tidy.


    To install this ROM:
    Download the zip file of your choice from the links below (or the online kitchen) and copy to your SD card
    Restart your device in recovery mode
    Select the option to apply an update zip, and select the zip file you copied to your memory card
    Thread Ufficiale:
    [OLED+TFT] 09/Feb r12: MoDaCo Custom Froyo ROM download + Online Kitchen - Android @ MoDaCo


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