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[ROM]DN4 v2.2 LTE (23-04-2015)

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    [ROM]DN4 v2.2 LTE (23-04-2015)

    Ciao Androidiani!

    ho trovato questa rom sul sito Electron Team

    desidero informare chi non ne fosse a conoscenza.

    l'ho installata e funziona alla grande.

    Based on 4.4.4 Touchwiz rom ported from S3 Korean version by @arter97
    Features ported from Galaxy Note 4 (Yes, we did it again!)
    AGNI Kernel by default - credits to @psndna88
    Standalone flashable zip (no aroma)
    Rooted and Deodexed

    - Note 4 Air Command (new features)
    - Note 4 S Note with Action Memo
    - Note 4 Smart Select
    - Note 4 Image Clip
    - Note 4 Scrapbook
    - Note 4 S Finder
    - Note 4 Quick Connect
    - Note 4 Multiwindow
    - Note 4 Recent Apps
    - Note 4 Direct Pen Input
    - Note 4 Side Key Panel
    - Note 4 Resize Windows from corners (new Pen Window)
    - Note 4 Power Saving Mode
    - Note 4 Ultra Power Saving Mode
    - Note 4 Settings and UI
    - Galaxy Note 4 Launcher and Accuweather
    - Galaxy Note 4 Contacts app
    - Galaxy Note 4 Phone app with N4 feature incoming call popup notification, resize window during calls feature and call recording feature
    - Galaxy Note Messaging app with N4 feature SMS pop-up notificaton
    - Galaxy Note 4 lockscreen with charging effects and new lockscreen effects (only Abstract Mozaic don't work)
    - Galaxy Note 4 Music Player
    - Galaxy Note 4 Video Player
    - Galaxy Note 4 Internet Browser
    - Galaxy Note 4 Gallery with SStudio
    - Galaxy Note 4 S Voice with new pop-up features
    - Galaxy Note 4 S Planner, Email, Keyboard, Clock, My Files, Calculator
    - Galaxy Note 4 Story Album
    - Galaxy Note 4 Photo Note
    - Possible to use the same app in both multiwindows
    - Many more things that we might forget... see it yourself today.

    DN4 Initial Release (read main features above)

    DN4 v2.2 (Stand alone Rom zip no add on needed just one flash and your done)

    Gps fixed
    Call duration logs fixed, Call timer fixed, Toolbox is back and fixed, clock widgets fixed, incomming call gesture FC (fixed in 2.1 update?) sound boosted in 2.2
    3 minit battery mod
    Flashlight mod
    modded systemui with recents and standby mode toggles in the pull down menu
    Radio FM app doesn't sound Phone # in about device, status (fix with app)
    Default launcher needs to be set if you change it or swipe to wake won't work
    You need to open the keyboard and set the personal data popup or it will Fc in the Play store.
    Hover SPen over camera shutter FC

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