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Guangxi, coffee bar , a coal mine located in Chile

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    Guangxi, coffee bar , a coal mine located in Chile

    Underground coffee bar, the miners are using coffee

    160 meters underground coal mining will be tired and a cup of coffee listening to music

    work: clock security monitoring through the iris attendance system, the system by each person iris eyes to identify the identity

    relax: in the roadway, about 100 m is placed at intervals of sound, music is played through the control room, the choice of many, some light music

    refreshing: the vertical distance from the ground coffee of about 160 meters down the night shift miners sometimes, sleepy and tired, a cup of coffee to refresh

    to watch TV to shower, to drink coffee, listen to music, in October Chile, in mid-trapped miners rescued a few months,mbt scarpe, they leisurely waiting to be rescued in the underground press,mbt prezzi, so many were different. Baise in Guangxi Bureau of Mines of the East pregnant coal mine, the miners also have a similar enjoyment - roadway play beautiful music all the way, underground coffee bar for people to relax and feel. 29 October,mbt donna, reporters came to the East pregnant with mine, seen all underground miners simple life.
    iris recognition as punch

    East pregnant with the largest coal mine in Guangxi. As with white-collar office buildings, where the miners have to punch in to work, but they punch through the iris security monitoring attendance system, the system through the eyes of each person's iris to identify the identity.
    into the wellhead to go through the two doors closed. Must go down, step after a door is completely closed, to open the second door. Cen help build explained: shop like a bright light, rotating turntable thunder,mbt uomo, waiting for the miners ride, brought in from out of roadway.
    go down the tunnel music accompanied

    reporters to go down to sit the This is commonly known, it is the professional name is
    monkey who sat on it, like hands and feet to cling tightly columns, and then slide down along the cable.
    sitting on
    the music through the built-in wall in the audio playback. In the roadway, about 100 meters every sound is placed, the clerk of the East Cen pregnant to help build coal mines, said: , soothing rhythm-based. play music is to allow the miners to calm, feel good,mbt sandali, can not choose the kind of exciting listening, so Madden's certainly not to be.

    vertical distance from the ground about 160 meters, there is a coffee bar, shaking it around in the headlights, like a miners club.
    this particular coffee bar area of ​​three to four square meters, although the simple yet chic decoration: The miner's lamp lighting, abandoned the tools to do decorations hanging on the wall. Winch transport furniture is coming in, but no problem to sit down or two ten miners. Coffee bar is not full-time staff, all the miners their shifts.
    3 pm, it is time the miners began to shift, more and more people into the coffee cup of coffee or drink water. This is probably the least professional coffee bar, in which the use of only simple instant coffee.
    sit, to relieve his mind. Security

    reporters in the mine's indicators in real time records.
    it is invested heavily in building Baise Mineral Bureau of Mine Safety information integration system that can mine all kinds of hazards and comprehensive intelligent security risk analysis, early warning disposal and network monitoring. Small coal mine is now reported on more, most people put behind the underground conditions very scary to imagine, in fact, really just to look down into the well, we can eliminate misunderstandings. Now the mine is a large modern production, have been using the cover of hydraulic support, people hiding in the pillar of the following is very safe. as long as all parties according to standard operation, the mine is under the security guarantee. >

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    A parte che Ŕ in inglese e non ci ho capito una mazza o quasi, ma cosa c'entra con lo ziio (o con tablet)?

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