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## [Section Rules] Read before posting ##

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    ## [Section Rules] Read before posting ##

    Hello everybody,
    The Staff of androidiani.com forum has decided to open this section for all users who don't come from Italy.
    Here you can receive (or give) help and solve your questions.

    The only language permitted in this sub-forum is English

    This thread contains some rules you have to follow.


    This is a collection of rules you have to observe in this section, but first you must read the OFFICIAL REGULATION THREAD


    1) It's forbidden to post online shops links (You can only denote the source, the model of phone and the price of it).
    2) It's forbidden to post references, banner, images that lead to shops. You also don't have to thank, search help, complain or review any shop. For this point you can see in the Italian Sub-forums where there are threads made for this. (e.g. THIS)
    3) It's forbidden to post links that lead to warez materials or to sites which talk about warez (This leads to immediate ban)
    4) It's foribidden to post links that leads to another forums, if that doesn't need to explain the source of written method.
    5) It's forbidden to post reviews made by other blogs.
    6) It's forbidden to use aggresive tones with other users. If you notice something wrong, please alert moderators ore use the function "segnala il messaggio"

    7) If you don't agree with moderator, don't open a thread or write your disappointment in public because this will be delete immediatly. You can only write your disagreement through a private message to moderator or admin.
    8) It's forbidden to write Off Topic. If one thread have one specific theme, you can't write things that have nothing to do with it.


    1) You don't have to write one post with only a "thanks" for who have helped you. There is a "Thanks" button, at the left bottom of the post. Use it!
    2) Pay attention to report in one "quote" few parts of a long post and no quote images. This needs for make smoother one thread.
    3) Before posting, read the first and the last three pages of the thread. The thing you are looking for might be already explained.
    4) Don't ask the same question before 24 hours. This is a forum, not a service center!
    5) Don't write double post (consecutive). You can use the function "modifica/edit" and the "multiquote" when you need to quote more users.
    6) Always use the tool "segnala" when you notice something wrong, for example aggresive tones, main rules infraction ecc.
    7) Always ask for permission if you want to publish material that is created by one user in another part of the forum/net/other.


    You have to specificate in the title of the thread what is the problem (in a few words) and which phone are you using.

    For example:

    [Ulefone Be Touch 2] Dialer Crash


    Before I had spoken about this forum function, but what is it?
    When you are looking for something you can search that in the write toolbar as is illustrated in the image below:



    The threads which aren't valid for x reasons will be closed and after about 24h will be deleted. With this method the user can understand what was wrong and the section will be clean.

    I hope you will have fun in our Forum! Enjoy!
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