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[ROM] Sherpya custom rom

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    Quote Originariamente inviato da RGDSoftware Visualizza il messaggio
    Greetings Everyone (Sorry i dont speak Italian);

    I've been searching how to contact Sherpya for one freaking year; to better develop this rom with my complete support.

    Hoping we (Me and sheprya) can still manage to make this ROM even better i am now repplying.

    Issues to be fixed:

    1) Remove Unecessary apps.
    By removing you'll get more device storage; and let him perform faster. And you can always install the later.
    I could remove them by myself; but it will cause errors.
    In example: "storage issue" Saying i dont have more space (Google Play error: Error 498)
    Aps to be removed: "Google Maps"; "Standard Player and Nemo Player"; "Calc"
    I think i'm not missing any more apps to remove.

    2) Add Standard apps:
    - "BusyBox X" (Wich performs great instead of the standard busybox; and the sherpya's busybox - Also great to combine with Mount2SD apk)
    - "Mount2SD" (Must Have to send your apps to SDCard)
    - "ES File Explorer"
    - Acer SYNC (Fixes Saving contacts to phone)

    Notes: I've replaced:
    Calc -> RealCalc
    Google Maps > NavFree
    standard player and Nemo player > Mort Player or Winamp

    3) Found issues that need to be fixed.
    - sherpya if you remove the apps i told above; many of common issue will be gone.
    Because "we" (users) wont need to remove them manually.

    I dont understand how the odex files work.
    ...So when i remove these apps; system will get unstable and with loads of errors.

    Sherpya if you can remove them having the system stable; everything will work amazingly.

    - Acer SYNC should be installed the rom (Fixes Saving contacts to phone). Wich is not working by default.
    - Kernel has some limitations. Either voltage; wither schedulers. BFQ should be implemented.
    VIf BFQ causes to SDCard to unload. Then forget about the BFQ. But would give the device a kick speed.
    Options like "LagFree" crash the device. i always have to use as "normal" or "Performance". Otherwise = Crash.
    That's why i believe including BFQ will fix that.

    I am right now rolling back to stock rom; due to the issues i've got.

    Info to Sherpya:
    Im not the most experienced guy but I previously worked with Vasencheg from Advantage MX Kernel; and helped him fixing issues until he left the project.
    Let me know if i can test your work; So we can improve your amazing ROM. (Honestly the best ROM i ever tested on my device)
    Please Repply as soon as possible.

    Hi RGDSoftware, sorry for bad english...I want help you to improve this ROM...for edit this ROM you must deodex all files...this is possible with Android Kitchen...for the kernel I can't help you,because I can not program...let me know is I can help you

    Inviato dal mio GT-I9300 usando Androidiani App
    First device:Acer Liquid Mini E310, xRom v.1,CPU@744mHz,CWM Recovery,Link2sD;
    Second Device:Samsung Galaxy S III, JB 4.1.2

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