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2 Luglio 200960 commenti

A lot of work was made by haykuro since the first day we talked on this blog. It was the 1 April 2009 when we released (italian preview) a video with the Magic firmware working on the dream.. It was a good work and haykuro started his race with this world. After that day haykuro was one of the best android developers from xda. When i personally wrote some roms ( Before than haykuro ) for the dream i was trying to play with the magic rom too.. Trying to make a better one for the people on my community So i started trying contacting haykuro via gtalk and xda-devel pm .. I never got an answer. This is not why i'm writing this.. I want to show you why i don't love haykuro and why he has a too big ego he can't take care of. In the last 2 days, as you probably remember, fatal1ty and nk02 were the first developers worldwide releasing a working htc hero porting for the magic ( which i'm trying to optimize for dream ). Ok.. Just the day after i can read this from the haykyro s twitter account:
@nk02 and @Fatal1ty2787 you know you could give a little thanks to me for helping you out..1:52 PM Jun 30th from web

So i decided to contact directly fatal1ty and nk02 and asking them why they didn’t thank haykuro and i got: “haykuro didn’t helped us a lot. He never pointed us on something readable.. Every statement from haykuro was ambiguos”.

My thoughts about haykuro started to become the following one: “Haykuro is just a good developer with a too high ego”. But this was not the beginning of this post.

The second flash i got was about another twit from haykuro saying this: this is why XDA makes me sad. heh. i worked grueling hours to root that device, and someone else got credit. nice.about 20 hours ago from web

Another time haykuro is remarking people to thank him and not other developers. So i decided to gtalk him saying :

I did it without you so i will not thank you

I was pretty sure that the ego of haykuro will replied me and my idea was right. But in the meanwhile i would remember you that haykuro published, without any authorization the conversation about fatal1ty and him. The following log was authorized ( in a pretty idiot way ) from haykuro.

I will strong the parts showing clearly that haykuro has some ego troubles.

Here we are:

Andrea: i did it withouth you and that’s why i’m not going to thank you publically …
haykuro: whos this?

Andrea: ?

haykuro: you’re nk02 right?

Andrea: no
you are crazy

haykuro: lol
who’s this then?

Andrea: Andrea?

haykuro: and what did you “do without me” ?

Andrea: everything i needed
modify init.rc

haykuro: everything you needed too…?

Andrea: mount sdcard
write swap

haykuro: what was your accomplishment? i’ve never heard of you lol
or i’m confused

Andrea: you weren’t there so please don’t twit “Andrea you should thanks me”

haykuro: what are you talking about?

Andrea: lol be fair

haykuro: i’ve never tweeted that, as i’ve never seen your name.

Andrea: i’m not talking about me
i’m talking about Agora_man

haykuro: haha i have logs, dozens of logs, filled with me helping each and every single one of them
they couldn’t have made it anywhere if it wasn’t for me.

This logs was published without asking the others.. But please read the rest of the story below

Andrea: oh pretty genius boy

haykuro: lol you show me who posted the new boot locations, who discovered and wrote the new tools required to even get an image to boot on the magic / other devices.
i have logs filled with proof

Andrea: haykuro one suggestion .. Be a bit less selfish.. Do not remark you are the one who rule android
Everyone knows you are good

haykuro: i never did.
i’m just asking for retards to not take credit ;)

Andrea: but remarking that will bore everyone

haykuro: heh, you don’t understand who these people are.
Agora and me have known each other for a while
i’d never speak trash about him
i have nothing against him

Andrea: i perfect understand that

haykuro: i was referencing that one post
the “thanks agora for all your hard work!”
“all his hard work” was mine
i told him step by step
how to solve it
you wouldn’t know that, as you’re quick to jump to assumptions
YOU are the kind of person i was talking about

Andrea: Let’s suppose for a while you are not joking me and this is the truth
noone here is telling the opposite
I’m not a lamer or one of thoose guys who stress people about roms
And please haykuro let me remark i made roms for italian users before than you .. ( So i know this part of the bad story )
I know that someone could stress
The thing i’m trying to teach you is

i made all that

Want some clap? Everyone knows you did a lot ..  but lets continue reading the haykuro reply

you may have made the roms, yes.
but it wouldn’t have been possible without that
tell me otherwise.

Andrea: lol
i made roms for dream
Wtf boy do you think you are the only one guru of the world?

haykuro: no. but show me where YOU discovered how to do it.
show me that you did it first.

Andrea: I learned by JF

haykuro: congrats, i’m not doubting your intelligence

Andrea: i think you are doubting
this is not a race for the best player on android
i’ve other things to take care of

haykuro: that’s what it seems like

Andrea: If you just let me explain waht is this
The point is:

Andrea: Remarking people you are the one is not ever good.. Even if you did everything.. Agora_Man probably is the idiot not the people thanking him..

How can someone knows that behind Agora_Man there is your hard work if Agora_Man neither cite you?

FurtherMore Remarking you are the better ( Like you tried with me saying: ” i did this, this and this you can’t do nothing”) is not so good .. Try to be a little more Human and humil.. Maybe i’m wrong.. But you started attack me and  if someone release something you are there for saying: “Hey this work is mine.. Those people didn’t do nothing
Just that
If you care about my words ok
if you think i’m a fucking drunk idiot from italy it’s ok too :) This is only a suggestion from me..

Thanks to gtalk i saw that haykuro just closed the conversation so i wrote this:

As i wanted to show.. Haykuro closed the conversation

haykuro: i have nothing else to say

Andrea: ok so i understand you do not agree with each single word from me right?

haykuro: not at all. heh, you come into the conversation with a skewed view, so your opinions are falling on deaf ears. as you say, my ego is too big to care.

Andrea: please hang on a while
what i say is “Your ego is too big.. Try to reduce it before people start hating you
For Example
Instead of publically say “Thats work is mine, you nk02 ,fatal1ty and Agora_Man should thank me ” you could say to each of them “nice work, but a little thanks? :)” … Surely they will thank you publically

haykuro: that is what i said

Andrea: no man
I followed you
on twitter
should i use your twitter account as log or you remember what you said?

haykuro: @nk02

Andrea: idiot
I just told you
Instead of writing publically

write each of them
with a pm
email or whatelse

haykuro: ahh, lol. nah. i have no reason to hide.

Andrea: Is my english so bad?

haykuro: why would i hide that?

Andrea: It’s not hiding

haykuro: it’s a reason i did it like that
i did it too show the members of XDA how annoying the problem is getting

Andrea: which problem?
people not thanking you ?

haykuro: not just me, but everyone.

Andrea: so the problem is
People is stealing your work?

haykuro: people stealing EVERYONES work
not just mine.

Andrea: lol

haykuro: i’m just using myself as an example.

Andrea: i don’t believe you
I don’t believe people are so bad

haykuro: neither did i until it kept happening and happening

Andrea: let me ask this question
How much did you help nk02 and fatal1ty work?

haykuro: they made a port of the hero rom for the magic
that’s them
that’s cool

Andrea: ?

haykuro: but people thanked THEM for root
correction, people PRAISED them for root

Andrea: ahuhauhahuhsudiauhsd

So you wrote on twitter
“nk02, fatal1ty you should thanks me”

haykuro: well it was more than that
one sec

Andrea: because people is stupid and dont remember that you rooted ?
ah man.. you are going to twit a lot …

haykuro: no hold on
there u go
this is why

The link haykuro just posted is the link of the logs about the conversation with fatal1ty .. I read all of them and you can ever read:
Fatal1ty: Hakuro how can i fix this?
The answer from haykuro is ever different and ever pointless. Like ( It’s a lib, use the search, it’s a secret) .. But i state this in the log so please continue reading

Andrea: i suppose that you just uploaded that

haykuro: duh..

Inviato alle 1.54 di giovedì
Andrea: i’m reading your Shut The Fucking Up zip
nice name
(06:42:30 PM) Fatal1ty: I swear I’ve searched but I think the solution was in the removed thread….any hint?
(06:45:59 PM) d[-_-]b haykuro d[-_-]b: its a lib
(06:46:24 PM) d[-_-]b haykuro d[-_-]b: heh the only reason i’m not giving you free answers is because i see you keep posting everything taking credit
(06:46:24 PM) d[-_-]b haykuro d[-_-]b: :)

haykuro: :)

Andrea: you should not smile
ok i read ALL the zip..
I saw a lot of question
About the same thing
neither one clear answer
It’s on the forum
it’s my secret

haykuro: that was a joke

Andrea: it’s within the search

haykuro: lol

Andrea: it’s on a library

haykuro: that was the most direct answer i could have given him
he didn’t bother looking
all you had to do was replace
and libmedia*.so
it was discussed when i first ported the hero roms that were publicly available

Andrea: i cant see you helped him out
he didnt helped himself out
but stating at the logs
You never throw an answer or a direct link

haykuro: why would i? hes a dumbass if he can’t search the damn forums. everything he wanted i’ve posted

I know fatal1ty and he never offends noone .. Neither me when i call  him bitch. Why are you calling him dumbass haykuro?

Andrea: am i wrong?

haykuro: yes.
i did help him

Andrea: nope

haykuro: lol okay
well i’m off to shower
i’m done arguing

Andrea: i’m not for noone her

haykuro: this is pointless

Andrea: lol
probably for me
is pointless

haykuro: i dont have to prove anything to you

Andrea: could help you
here in italy is 2.04 am
i’m sitting here arguing with you
i’m not gaining money

haykuro: go to sleep

Andrea: lol
as you wish babe
is it ok if i publish this to the entire world?

haykuro: go for it

Andrea: ok man :) thanks for approving

haykuro: no prob
hi everyone! :3

Andrea: ?

haykuro: nothing just saying hi to the people

Andrea: lol you got problem man
too high ego

haykuro: you know me
i love my ego
lol i’m off

Andrea: reduce it or it will cut your breathe

haykuro: link me later when u post this

Andrea: lol
yes you will gain a lot of followers
so your ego will grow up

haykuro: and thats all i care about right?
thats what i live for
i need followers

Andrea: as i understand

haykuro: thats why i left to get more

Andrea: you left?

Here starts another nice part .. Haykuro refuses to admit he didn’t left android

haykuro: yes.

Andrea: ah right
1 day

haykuro: no

Andrea: for stepping back the day after :P

haykuro: show me the last time i released a rom?

Andrea: are you idiot?

haykuro: i don’t release public roms anymore

Andrea: I’ve an android website

haykuro: all i take care of is rooting devices now

Andrea: you released at least another rom

haykuro: nope.

Andrea: dont let me google please
i know you did

Thanks haykuro you finally admit.. But you forgot:

haykuro: rogers rom was the last one i released
and they aren’t complete
their just leaks

Andrea: ahuauhau
but you released it

haykuro: i just put out a leak

Andrea: ok you won

haykuro: i didn’t furnish the rom for releasing

Andrea: you are gone

haykuro: haha
bye i’m off to shower
post the link when u post this

Andrea: have a nice day

haykuro: give me the link*

As conclusions i want to summarize what stated above.. haykuro just want to get thanks from everyone.. Even if he doesn’t help he want people thanking him because he did a work long time ago..

I’m not the only one who understanded this .. In fact i can read this on the twitter of TwistedUmbrella which says:

@haykuro Since it matters so much, do you need credit for the messaging app I include from a rom you received and updated?about 19 hours ago from HTC Peep

This was in reply about haykuro statements.

Someone of you could ask themselves .. Why did you contact haykuro ? ok Just for telling him reducing it’s ego..

The second FAQ could be.. Why do you care?  I don’t care.. For me is pointless but android is a community, haykuro is only a great player . With or withouth haykuro ( which should be at home doing homework since it left a long time ago ) the android community will live.

This is everything i wanted to write :)

See you, Andrea

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