Galaxy S5: Arriva SpaceX Rom (stable)

31 Gennaio 2015Un commento

  Buone notizie per i possessori del Galaxy S5, XDA Developers ha reso disponibile la SpaceX Rom (stabile) basato sul firmware UK G900FXXU1BOA3 Lollipop.

Ottimizzazione al massimo, risolti alcuni bug, eliminazione di Knoxe alcune app inutili. Aggiunto l’opzione call record e Ads block. Di seguito trovate il changelog:

  • Support Language full: Azerbaycanca, Bahasa, Catala, Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, Eesti, English, Espanol, euskara, Filipino, Francais, Gaeilge, Galego, Hrvatski, Islenska, Italiano, Latviešu, Lietuvių, Makedonski, Magyar, Nederlands , Norsk bokmål, Ozbekcha, Polski, Portugues, Romana, Shqip, Slovenčina, slovenščina, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Vietnamese, Türkçe, Udru, Uzbek, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Korean, Chinese …
  • Improvements in compatibility with third-party applications (Fix FC Facebook, …)
  • Increased stability
  • Fixed bugs in the previous version
  • Improves system performance
  • Support build.prop & init.d tweakOptimization
  • remove unnecessary app
  • Added the recording button call
  • Quick exit button in your browser
  • Enabled delivery reports
  • On – off capture
  • Added the Lunar in S Planner
  • Added the call block/mms (block messages, calls)
  • Added the on – off screen brightness informed when a new message
  • Remove My Magazine in home screen >>> PullUp – Flick the right from the left of the screen to open your app
  • Added 12 app Toolbox modSpaceX reboot menu 5-way reboot mod
  • All app multiwindow mod
  • Unlimited message mod
  • Added Lockscreen button on right status bar mod
  • Added app permissions settingsRemove S finder and quick connect on notification panel
  • Fix external SD Card permissions
  • Ads block
  • Add the wallpaper with over 50 different wallpapers
  • On display special characters keyboard Samsung
  • Update all applications to the latest version
  • SCL23 & SC-04F: upgrade
  • Lollipop kernel V2Full deodex, zipalign, Busybox, Pre-Root (SuperSU 2.45)

Ecco alcuni screenshot:


Qui il link per chi volesse provarla. Buon download!

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